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Helpful Apps During The Moving Process

By Guest Blogger Doug Chapman at The thought of moving makes most all of us cringe thinking about how much time and effort is going to be put into the process. It is a daunting task, even an inconvenient task, but we have all done it in our lives probably more than once. 

 It doesn’t matter if you are moving into a new house or a new apartment, whether you are single or married with kids, there are going to be hassles involved throughout the duration of the move. However, the iPhone provides movers with a great selection of apps that will help streamline the move so that you are able to accomplish everything you need to during the course of the entire course of moving. 

Here are five of the best apps that will help you from the time you open your garage doors, pack up your storage unit, and move into the house.  Every step of your move:

 Moving List (by New Gravity Ventures)

This app on the iPhone is a no brainer to get and it only costs $2.99. It provides you with a checklist for ideas and suggestions for tasks that are needed when you are ready to move. It covers a variety of things that you must have when you get ready to move, from checklists of hiring a moving company to ways of saving money during the move. It also gives you the best ways to prepare the moving boxes with packing tape and other supplies, and it makes sure to give you a time line of when to get everything ready as well as when to call and get your utilities done.

 Moving To Do List (by Red Box Productions)

If you want a cheaper app (and I mean monetary, not in actual context), this is also a great. It is $1.99 and allows you to create your own checklist for a nearly anything, from selecting what type of move it is, to adding photos and sounds, to choosing from...

Tips For Staging Your Home

By Guest Blogger Doug Chapman at

Selling your house is a process that not only will cause tense moments, but it will also make you do things that you haven’t done since you moved in – CLEAN THE ENTIRE HOUSE! That was a joke, sort of.

Regardless, when you are getting ready to stage your house, you want it to be in tip-top shape so that the prospective buyer can walk right in and feel like it is their home right from the start. There are many things you can do to make it a neutral house, and most of them just take a little elbow grease or some light lifting to accomplish.

 Here are four ideas to take into consideration when you are about to put your house on the market:

Upgrade The Fireplace

You need to get rid of the ragged, old brass screen that probably has kinks all through it. Replacing it is inexpensive, but it will go a long way when potential buyers come through the living room. Make sure you also give the entire fireplace a makeover, you know cleaning it entirely like you probably haven’t done since you moved in the house! Polish it all so that it lights up the room, and it will make your living room that much more appealing than you ever imagined.

 Light The House

When buyers come into the house, the last thing they want to see are dark rooms. Even if they are coming at night, make sure to open the curtains and let the light come through the windows. Feel free to add additional lighting fixtures throughout each room and make sure the bulbs on each lamp are new so they don’t start flickering during the tour! Increase the watts on your light ...

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