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Proof on Main executive chef Levon Wallace blends L.A. flash and Southern tradition

(Originally posted on

“Did she come in yet?” asked Levon Wallace excitedly in the kitchen of Proof on Main, where he has been executive chef since Michael Paley moved to the 21c museum hotel in Cincinnati last year. “Who?” asked Matt Johnson, a sous-chef. “Myra,” Wallace said, as he pulled out his iPhone to show Johnson a photo — a pig’s-eye-view of a large Red Wattle hog, happily chewing. “Michael Paley and I went halvsies on her. She’s supposed to come in today.” Read more.


Louisville Named 'Best of the World' Location by National Geographic Imprint

Louisville has been recognized in the December-January issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of its “Best of the World” destinations. Other locations similarly noted in the issue are: Oslo, Norway; the Upper Mississippi River Valley; Yakushina, Japan; and Taxco, Mexico. The article showcases Louisville's expanding bourbon district along Main Street along with the Urban Bourbon Trail. Read more.


Mastering the Art of House Hunting

Guest post by Tyler Robertson.

Investing in a home is a happy milestone for many, but it’s also a minefield of indecision and stress. How do you refine your search to find your perfect home?

Claire Hovey is a writer with a love of all that is green and country, but due to a twist of fate she also loves sparkling city lights and a whole lot of hubbub. She is currently looking to buy her first home in a heady mix of the two.

How to Master the Art of House Hunting

There comes a time when having the freedom to up sticks and move around starts to lose its shine. You begrudge lining someone else’s pockets with rent. You begin to long for something other than beige walls; you dream of having the licence to get hammer-happy put up as many picture hooks as you choose. You start to squirrel away more and more of your Friday Night Out fund for sensible reasons and then, lo and behold, one day you find you have a savings account named ‘Deposit’ and enough in it to begin the House Hunt. You want to own cushions. Life is good.

But how do you begin to tackle the mountainous task of finding your new home? Well, pack your best plimsolls and fetch your guide rope: here are a few important lessons for the house hunt.

  1. Need versus want: know the difference. Fairly self-explanatory; assess your needs as a priority – three bedrooms would be nice, but two is what you need. A conservatory is a possible future goal, but for now, you can make nice with the neighbours in the front room. A vegetable patch might be an absolute must, pronto, but tea on the lawn can wait until house number two.
  1. Take a camera to every viewing:  Sometimes you can walk into a house and just know. Most of the time, you can’t. You need to mull it over, compare and contrast and, above all, make...

Why Real Estate Deals Fall Apart

Guest post by Alisa Martin.

Almost every other person in real estate is well aware of the fact that transactions can be pretty troublesome. Most of them are intertwined with legal content that makes them confusing. A lot of documentation is also necessary for the process to continue and this leaves a number of loopholes for problems to emerge. Probably, one third of contracts never end up to the finishing line of closing table.

This means that even after an agreement is adjusted between a seller and a buyer, there is still scope for confusions to erupt and the deal getting crumbled. Let us look into the facts and reasons that ultimately crumble the process.

The Financial Glitch

It is not at all an easy task to secure a home mortgage post the financial crisis that took place due to the housing crisis in the year 2008.  The restrictions put forward by lenders are way stricter now. This has given rise to a lot of cancelled deals from the buyer’s side. The main reason behind it is the failure of the buyer to secure funds. A pre approval is good for a buyer. However, it does not confirm or guarantee that the buyer will eventually receive the loan amount because of it.  

Slightest of facts and changes can end a deal, for example, a small increase in interest rates or change in, income. Lenders are well known gold diggers, and they will make sure to get every detail of a buyer’s financial record. It is very natural for them to discover any fact that will ultimately deny buyer’s to receive proper loan amount.


Almost all the home appraisers utilize historical data to help them determine the actually value of a property. Usually, when the real estate values are more on the rising scale, it becomes tougher to discover comps that could maintain the sales price. It still continues to be tough, even when both the seller and the buyer agree upon the amount of dollar....

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Final Rule On Mortgage Disclosures

(Re-Posted from CFPB website):

Today, we’re issuing the TILA-RESPA final rule. This rule improves the way consumers receive information about mortgage loans, both when they apply and when they’re getting ready to close. Alongside the rule, we’re publishing information to help industry understand what the requirements are, such as how to fill out the disclosure forms. Helping with that understanding will be an ongoing process. We’re also publishing information about the project that got us here and what the new rule means for consumers.

We want it to be easier for consumers to shop effectively for mortgages and to make the decisions that work for them. We want consumers who are confident in the information they receive, the lenders they work with, and their ability to make good comparisons. This rule is a key part of that effort, so we’ve spent a lot of time testing the new disclosures with consumers who will them as well as industry who will have to explain them to consumers. The results of that testing show that our new disclosures make information clearer and easier to use. Read more.


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