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Relocation Tips

How To Cut Costs When Moving

If you’re transferring to a new home or office with the help of a moving company, then the following tips on how to cut costs when moving should come in handy.

Don’t bring everything with you

Surely, some of your belongings are things you don’t really want, much less need. Instead of taking them with you to your new home or office, getting rid of them in one way or another is a much better option. Just leave them behind or give them away. If you want to make some money off them, then hold a garage sale.


Schedule the move during the off-peak season

Moving during peak season can cost you more than if you do it during off-peak months when movers charge lower rates and conditions are more convenient. If you do your move sometime between September to early April, you are going to reduce your costs.

Recycle packing materials

It’s always good to have brand new materials on hand when packing, but if you want to save money, recycling should be an option. You can use boxes you already have at home, but if you need more, you can always ask friends and family for old boxes of their own. You can also go to your neighborhood store and buy old boxes for cheap, or even get them for free.

Pack your own stuff

Some people are just too busy to do their own packing, so they hire someone else to do it for them. Hiring professional packers are a good option if you have the budget for it, but if you’re short on funds, making time to pack your belongings is pretty much the only choice you have left.

Do your research on moving companies...

12 Things To Do After You Move

The last of the moving trucks has just left and you are finally ready to close the door on an exhausting day. But wait, are you done with moving yet? No. There are a whole lot of things that you need to do after you move into your new home. Here is a quick checklist to help you kick-start the process.

1. Check your big-ticket stuff and furniture to make sure that nothing was damaged during the moving process. Most movers and insurance companies have a limited time in which you can file a claim. Make sure that all your appliances and electronics are working before that deadline passes you by.

 2. If you were not able to have an exterminator visit the house earlier, get it done now before you start opening all your packed boxes. If you have a lot of time on hand and can rough it for a day or two, consider giving the home a thorough and in-depth cleaning before you start organizing.

3. When unpacking, don’t open all boxes at once. Hopefully, you’ve been diligent in marking all your boxes and maintaining a ‘moving diary’ when you packed. Now is the time to reap your rewards!

Moving Day

Multiple boxes lying open with stuff strewn all over can tempt you to stuff all of them inside a closet and then forget about it. Instead, open one box at a time and organize your belongings neatly as you go. Set yourself a timetable, like two or three boxes a day, so that your entire unpacking will be over in a week.

4. Change all locks and alarm codes. Not to sound paranoid, but do you really know how many copies of your keys are out there?

5. Make sure that all smoke detectors in the house are in working condition. If necessary, replace their batteries....

Why The School District Should Impact Your Home Search

(From Buying a home in a good school district can result in resale advantages, offer protection from market fluctuation and provide a great education. Real estate experts in markets across the country share what you should know about a school district’s impact on real estate, whether or not you plan on using the school system. Read more.


What To Expect When Moving Cross Country

Moving across the country can seem like a huge job – one that you might feel like you’re not really up for. While hiring a moving company to do the work for you can seem like the best option, the truth is that it may not be worth the thousands of dollars a single move is going to cost you.

Moving Van

A cross-country move can also have you wondering what to expect on the other side, especially if you’re moving to a place you haven’t spent a considerable amount of time.

If you’re planning a big move in the near future, make sure you take these cross-country moving tips into account before you even start packing.

Know What Your Dollar Is Worth

Moving across the country to a place you’re not familiar with can leave you wondering about the housing market. Even if you’ve done some preliminary searches on the internet or even a bit of in-person investigation, knowing what housing is actually going to cost you when it’s time to rent or buy isn’t always easy.

However, it is essential that you do something before you plan that move to make sure you’ll be able to afford the city you’re living in. Moving to a new city for a great job isn’t ideal if you’re moving for a pay increase that won’t be enough to actually allow you to live comfortably in the city.

In general, big cities on the West coast like Los Angeles and San Francisco are going to be the most expensive, just like big cities on the East Coast – New York and areas like Miami, Florida – are among the most expensive.

Before making your move, make...

Starting A Self Storage Facility

Guest Blog by Tyler Robertson

There are very few businesses that allow people the opportunity to
participate without having prior knowledge of the company. Many people
view public storage in Santa Monica as a great way to invest in a business
even if they have been working in another field for several years. As with any
type of small business it is important to create a business plan.

Getting Started
There is no magic formula available to starting a self-storage facility.
However, there are some steps that should be followed in order to ensure
success. The first thing that you need to do is to realize that you are going to
need professional help when you are getting started. No matter how large or
small of a facility you are planning on opening you will need to put together a
team of professionals to help you throughout the process. Some of the
people that you should contact include:
• Real estate agents
• Attorneys
• Contractors
• Building suppliers
• Engineers
• Architects

This is just a few of the professionals that you may need to contact when
getting started. There may be more as well.

Site Selection
One of the most important decisions that you will make when starting a
public storage is the site location. If you currently own a piece of property
you must determine if it is a good location for a self-storage facility.
There are several things to be considered when choosing a site for your
storage facility. First, you need to determine whether or not it is the right
size. You also need to determine if the configuration for the storage buildings

20 Reasons To Relocate Your Family For Work

This Post Was Re-Printed With Permission of Whitefence Savings.

Relocating can be a difficult decision to make, but what if it’s for your job? Here are 20 reasons hard workers give for relocating their families for work.

1. More Money One great reason to relocate is that you’ll receive a raise to go along with the move. Money can be a major determining factor when it comes to relocation for professional reasons. If it’s a large enough raise, it can help you live a more luxurious life or give you the chance to start a college fund for your kids when you didn’t have that opportunity before. Read more


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