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Beware The Dank and Musty Smell When Looking At A Home

Guest post by Liz Nelson at

Buying a home should be an exciting adventure. Although you'll be limited by the amount of money you're able to spend, you can take your time exploring all of the options you have available in order to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether this is for a single residence or you're looking for a family dwelling, there could be options all over the city just waiting for you to find them. However, even recently constructed houses could have dark secrets.

A Home's Specific Smell
Every home has a kind of personality. You can almost feel if the home is perfect or not just by stepping through the doorway. While the home can have an inviting "feel" to it, the structure could have a different "smell." Although the look of the home is appealing, your nose could be trying to warn you as pungent smells are detected. One of the most distasteful ones are those that have a musty and dank atmosphere to them. It's akin to walking in the basement of an old house that experiences regular floods. It's a smell of potential financial hardship and possibly sickness.

Detecting Scents with Your Nose
One of the most common reasons of this type of fragrance is derived from water damage. The more severe the damage is, the greater the smell permeates through the air. Some sellers will try to disguise the smell with deodorizers, cleaners and flowery air fresheners. However, you can detect the aftermath of the damage if you use the nose in every room, closet and cupboard. If you use your nose in an inconspicuous manner, you may be able to root out the origins of the aroma without offending the seller or making yourself look weird.

Why is this Important?
Water damage can signify that there are structural integrity faults within the house. Weather rotted wood can become pliable and very dangerous to leave unattended. Water is also a signifier that there is mold on the premises as well. Depending on the levels of the infestation and the allergic reaction you have to such, these molds could make you and your family incredibly sick. Although some molds can be easily removed by a thorough cleaning, others may have rooted themselves into the very fiber of the house making it extremely difficult to remove short of replacing the affected area.

It's There for a Reason
The dank and musty smell is a unique odor that even the most novice of homeowners can recognize. Even if there is no real significant damage or mold infestation, the scent is there for a reason. There may not be a problem now, but there will be unless the cause is dealt with. Whether it is a slow leak in the water pipes within the walls or a hole in the roof letting rain and snow into the attic, the problem could become quite a financial pain.

Aromas as strong as rotten wood can permeate through the air long after repairs have been completed. If you smell that unmistakable dank and musty aroma, ask the seller if he or she has had work recently done to the home. The problem could have been fixed and the smell only remains. Don't take anything for granted and trust your body when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe. If something doesn't smell right, then there is a good chance that something isn't.

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This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to:

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