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5 Ways To Decorate Your New Home On A Budget

Guest Post by Doug Chapman,

Most of the stress is in the rear view mirror now that you finally have the keys to your new home. You’ve made everything happen, from signing the paperwork to getting financial details under wrap. Now it is time to move it and officially make it your own new home!

Many times people start thinking about how am I going to pay for this? How am I going to pay for that? Well when you start having these feelings about furnishing your home, don’t fret. Everyone seems to go through these emotions. The key is, how do you manage it?

Good news – there are many ways to decorate your new dream home while being on a budget. There are so many options to spruce up the house without crushing your bank account. The key is – find the right ideas!

Here are five suggestions to decorate your new home while keeping within your budget:

  • One of the simplest ways to add flavor to your new home while being on a budget is to look at the flooring. You don’t have automatically put new flooring in – whether it is carpet or hardwood floors – you could also add a special little touch with an area rug. It may sound like a band-aid to your new home before you can actually put forth the money to go all out, but in the short term it is a great idea and you can adjust as needed.
  • Another key is to make sure that you don’t use all of your financial resources in just one room of the house. You know the most-used places are typically the kitchen and living room – so make sure that you spread your finances out and focus more on those. However, the key is to not pull all your marbles in those two baskets – save money for the bathrooms, master bedroom and also the common foyer area. You want to make sure you get a little bit of personal touch in each of your new areas of the house.
  • This may sound odd, but sometimes less is more. What this means is that don’t feel like every nook and cranny from your previous house needs to come to your new home. This sometimes makes your home look cluttered, and if you want a new feel to your home, change it up a little. If your family and friends saw the exact same layout and exact same furniture set up in your old home, then what are they going to think when it is nearly the same in the new home? Change it up. Throw some stuff out. Give some stuff to Goodwill. Don’t feel you have to bring every last item to the new home.
  • When you are looking for furniture on a budget, make sure that you don’t put it past you to shop at some of the clearance stores in your area. Just because someone used that furniture before doesn’t mean it isn’t ok for you to buy and re-use. A nice cleaning of the furniture and even having a throw blanket over an older love seat can do wonders not only for a new look, but also for your checkbook.
  • Bedroom furniture is not cheap – there I said it. So if you have to work on a budget upon getting the new home and you have to do at least something to the master bedroom, I wouldn’t waste time on costly sheets and blankets. The mattress is key, but it can also be expensive as well. My suggestion for decorating your new master bedroom? A simple paint job that adds accent walls and gives it that touch and feel that you didn’t have in your previous home.  

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